Synchronize your browser tabs & tab groups

Are you struggling to find the tab you're looking for after opening huge amount of tabs? We have synced the tabs and tab groups you are browsing in chrome, so you can easily manage your open tabs and tab groups.

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Save/Restore/Reorganise tabs

Even tab groups

One-click to aggregate all tabs & tab groups into one session. You can restore all your tabs & tab groups later as they are. Also you can reorganise the session and restore it with ease.

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Organise tabs & tab groups efficiently

You can drag & drop tabs/tab groups in your sessions to reorder/organise them.

Also could drag the open tabs/tab groups into the sessions.

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Explore the tabs using the command line

With the KBar (CMD + K), you can easily switch、 search your open tabs in seconds with the command menu. Even you can drill down to find out tab in the tab groups

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Never miss your tabs & tab groups

You can export the sessions into a JSON file, and import back to One Tab Group later.

Also could import from OneTab's exported data.

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Turn any tab into a visual web bookmark

By hovering over the tab in the session, you can use the link as a visual web bookmark, like a Twitter card or Notion web bookmark. You can preview the website via the information like a website's title, description, logo, author, thumbnails.

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Manage your tabs & tab groups in one place.

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