Your all-in-one browser tab/tab group manager

One Tab Group is a chromium-based extension that allows you to manage your tabs & tab groups in one place. One-click to aggregate all tabs & tab groups into one session.

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Your Open Tabs & Tab Groups in sync with your browser

Struggling to find a site among a mass of open tabs in your browser? Don't worry, We Provide you Open Tabs Panel offers an easy way to manage multiple tabs at once, in sync with your browser.
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Save/Restore Tabs & Tab Groups

One-click to aggregate all tabs & tab groups into one session. You can restore all your tabs & tab groups later as they are. Also you can reorganise the session and restore it with ease.
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Organise tabs & tab groups efficiently

You can drag & drop tabs/tab groups in your sessions to reorder/organise them.

Also could drag the open tabs/tab groups into the sessions.

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Explore the tabs using the command palette

With the Command Palette (CMD + K), you can easily switch、 search your open tabs in seconds with the command menu. Even you can drill down to find out tab in the tab groups
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Never miss your tabs & tab groups

You can export the sessions into a JSON file, and import back to One Tab Group later.

Also could import from OneTab/Session Buddy's exported data.

Or Upgrade to Pro to access the sync to cloud、sync to Notion feature.

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Turn any tab into a visual web bookmark

By hovering over the tab in the session, you can use the link as a visual web bookmark, like a Twitter card or Notion web bookmark. You can preview the website via the information like a website's title, description, logo, author, thumbnails.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your data stored?

First of all we don't read or save any of your data, Your data is saved locally in your browser's own data storage solution indexed db.

Please don't trust your browser, One Tab Group provides a data backup solution, please backup your data often to ensure that you will not lose it.

Why do I need to log in?

One Tab Group currently offers two third-party logins: Google and GitHub, but it is not mandatory, login with third-party accounts let you access to two features below:

  • Cloud syncing of settings based on Google account
  • Email-based data backup

We support Google login-based settings sync, which means that if you log in to another device with your Google account, the settings in OTG can be synced directly to it.

We support Email-based data backup, you can send the backup data in JSON format to your email to ensure your data will not be lost.

Please rest assured that we do not read or store your data.

You will also need login with third-party account to sync your data to the cloud.

Does it support cloud sync?

With the release of v1.0.0, We supported cloud sync, but you need to login through a third party account(Google or GitHub) to use it.

Cloud sync means that your data will be uploaded to the cloud, but we guarantee that all data uploaded to the cloud will be encrypted server-side using the AES-256 algorithm during the transfer, so that your data will not be leaked.

Note that this is a paid feature.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, there is a 7-day free trial, each new purchase is granted 100% money back within 7 days from purchase date.

Don't have enough features, need new ones?

No problem, One Tab Group follows the build in public principle and listens to the opinions and suggestions of the community users.

Because of this, One Tab Group grows with you and gets better and better!

You can suggest a change , and we will check on it.

Does One Tab Group work on Firefox?

There’s no Firefox version and at the moment there are no plans on releasing one. Because Firefox does not support the creation of Tab Groups at this time. But we support Microsoft Edge version.

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