Search saved browser tabs and tab groups in Raycast
Unlock the Power of One Tab Group by integrating with Raycast, so you can search sessions、tab groups、tabs from anywhere on your Mac
How to save your tabs & tab groups into a session?
Saving your tabs into a session will help ensure that they remain available even if your browser crashes or you end up closing the browser accidentally, which is why we have this guide explaining how to do it!
How to migrate from OneTab to One Tab Group?
Finding that OneTab could not meet your needs? We support the migration of your URLs from OneTab to One Tab Group.
Introduce the Open Tabs Panel
Struggling to find a site among a mass of open tabs in your browser? Don't worry, we show you all the open tabs with a tree-style view, in sync with your browser, in One Tab Group.
How to migrate your session from Session Buddy to One Tab Group?
How to reuse your session in One Tab Group, A blog post about how to migrate from Session Buddy to One Tab Group.
How to sync the tabs across devices or browsers?
One Tab Group allows you to easily sync your tabs across devices or browsers.
How to sharing your tabs/tab groups with others?
One Tab Group allows you to easily share your `session` with others
How to sync browser tabs to Notion?
One Tab Group supports syncing the tabs and tab groups to the Notion database for further processing and management.
How to Easily Restore Your Browser Tabs and Tab Groups
If you're like many of us, you're in the habit of keeping dozens of tabs open on your browser. But if you accidentally close a `tab` or a `tab group`, or you have to shut down your browser and restart it, you might be wondering how to restore those tabs and tab groups. In this blog, we'll explain how to easily restore your browser tabs and tab groups.
How to reduce browser memory usage?
Browser uses a lot of memory when it opens a lot of tabs. This article provides tips on how to reduce browser memory usage.
How does One Tab Group compare to other tab management extensions?
Among the many tab manager extensions, what’s the differences in them and which one you like best? Here we made a comparison to help you find the one most suitable for you.
How to Safeguard Your Browser Tabs and Never Lose Data Again
This blog aims to elucidate the causes behind this issue and provide effective solutions for resolution.