How to reduce browser memory usage?

Browser uses a lot of memory when it opens a lot of tabs. This article provides tips on how to reduce browser memory usage.

Why does browser use so much memory?

Browser like Chrome opens each tab as an independent process, so if one tab crashes, it won't affect the others. This is great for browsing, but it can use a lot of memory.

Besides, Chrome will preload all open tabs to speed up page loading. However, this will consume a large amount of memory.

How to fix it?

Many people advise against opening too many tabs in your browser if you want it to run faster. However, with the amount of information we browse daily, it's not always feasible to close them all and hope to find them again in history.

We provide the Chrome extension "One Tab Group" to manage open/saved tabs. It allows you to save all open tabs in one click and also provides an option to suspend them until I click to wake them up. As for the saved sessions, you can make default setting to restore the tabs with suspension, so the tabs will not be loaded until you visit one of them.

Do you see the Task Manager window on the left? It displays the memory usage of your browser. If you use the suspending feature, all the memory of the tabs will be released.



What’s more?

The extension not only supports the suspension of the open tabs, but also supports cloud syncing. By using that, all of your saved sessions will be stored in the cloud and never get lost.

When you work with multiple devices or switch devices between home and work, just open this extension, and it will do the synchronization automatically for you.