How to Safeguard Your Browser Tabs and Never Lose Data Again

This blog aims to elucidate the causes behind this issue and provide effective solutions for resolution.

We received feedback from several users who inadvertently lost their tab data while utilizing One Tab Group. This blog aims to elucidate the causes behind this issue and provide effective solutions for resolution.

Where is your data stored?

When you save tabs into a session using One Tab Group, it stores the data for you. This data is stored in your browser's IndexedDB storage.

However, if your browser is updated or crashes, the data in the IndexedDB storage may be unexpectedly overwritten, leading to the loss of your tab data.

Indeed, this issue isn't exclusive to One Tab Group; it happens to other tab management extensions as well, such as OneTab and Session Buddy.

❌ Please note that we tell you where your data is stored, but please do not make any changes or delete it easily, as this may lead to data loss.

How to prevent data loss?

We offer efficient tools for local, email, and cloud backup to help you prevent data loss.

Our intention in designing these features is to ensure that your valuable data is protected.

Export data to your computer (no login needed)

To prevent this issue from recurring, we strongly advise you to periodically export your tabs' data. One Tab Group facilitates this by allowing you to export your tabs as JSON files and can be imported if necessary.

Export data to your email (need login)

Additionally, you can manually email the data to yourself as a backup. Regularly performing these steps, such as once a week, will ensure that your data is preserved and can be imported if necessary.

Sync your data to the cloud (Pro)

For those who need sync your data accross devices or browsers, an alternative solution would be to upgrade to a One Tab Group Pro license.

This unlocks additional features, including the ability to synchronize your tabs' data in the Cloud, ensuring your data will never be lost.

Pro users also gain the ability to manage their tabs more efficiently by sending them to Notion. Other benefits include the ability to search your browser tabs using Raycast, and Pro users also receive priority support for any usage issues they may encounter.

Lastly, we would like to emphasize that maintaining thousands of saved tabs is not an optimal practice, as very few people actually revisit tabs saved a long time ago.

Therefore, it's advisable to regularly reevaluate and remove unnecessary tabs and reducing the memory of browsers, promoting a more organized and efficient browsing experience.