Introduce the Open Tabs Panel

Struggling to find a site among a mass of open tabs in your browser? Don't worry, we show you all the open tabs with a tree-style view, in sync with your browser, in One Tab Group.

Struggling to find a site among a mass of open tabs in your browser? Don't worry, One Tab Group’s Open Tabs Panel offers an easy way to manage multiple tabs at once and in sync with your browser. Opening to the side of the extension home page, the Open Tabs Panel will give you a tree-style view of all the open Tabs and open Tab Groups.

You will find all the open tabs and tab groups in the sidebar at the left. Once you change a tab or a group's order in the browser's list, it will also change in the sidebar at the left.

Never mind being too long on the list, we offer you a search button to help you find a certain site. It's just on the top-left corner as the following picture shows, you can also evoke the search engine by pressing Command + K.

2. Remove Duplicates

If you can't remember whether you have open several same sites or not, don't worry, you could use the duplicates removing action, by clicking the first button in the drop-down menu on the top-right. It will remove all the duplicated sites and keep only one for you.

3. Suspend Opened Tabs

This is really one of the most practical features of One Tab Group. In order to make your browser run faster, we provided you an option to suspend all the open tabs. They will go asleep till you click them to wake them.

Do you see the task manager window on the left? It shows the memories that your browser is consuming. If only you used the suspending function, all the memories of the tabs will be released. You may never see the annoying phrase "Oops there was an error! Please try again later".

All these features aim to help you find and manage your open tabs faster and easier, go ahead and try it!