Search saved browser tabs and tab groups in Raycast

Unlock the Power of One Tab Group by integrating with Raycast, so you can search sessions、tab groups、tabs from anywhere on your Mac


As you accumulate more and more sessions with each workday, you may find yourself with a lot of useful sessions saved. You can think of the sessions you save as a tab database. So how do you efficiently retrieve them?

We built a Raycast extension for One Tab Group, which you might not have imagined could work together, but it does and it fits perfectly. It helps you search saved sessions and supports drilling down into tab groups. It supports searcing all the tabs you have saved without having to open the browser.

What is Raycast

Raycast is a blazingly fast, totally extendable launcher. It lets you complete tasks, calculate, share common links, and much more.

How it works

Once you have installed the One Tab Group extension from the Raycast Store, you can start using it to search your saved browser tabs and tab groups.

Using Raycast, you can search for tabs and tab groups by typing in keywords. Raycast will show you a list of related sessions, tab groups, and tabs. For tab groups, you can drill down into it to look for the tab you want. When you find the tab you're looking for, simply click on it to open it in your browser.

The One Tab Group extension saves you time by making it easier to search and access your saved tabs and tab groups. Thanks to its integration with Raycast, it is easy to use and provides an enjoyable search experience.

Install One Tab Group on Raycast

Assuming you have already installed Raycast, you can install the integation from the Raycast Store and log in to access the One Tab Group saved sessions by the License Key.

Install within Raycast

  • Search Store on Raycast
  • Search One Tab Group in the Raycast Extension Store
  • Install One Tab Goup and enter your License Key
  • Happy searching

Install via web page

Click here to Install

How to search browser tabs and tab groups?

What’s the relationship between sessiongrouptab?

Since you saved your tabs into the session, your can search them on Raycast, The Data Structure:

As you can see:

  • Session contains multiple Tab Groups and multiple Tabs
  • Tab Group contains Tabs

Switch between the Session List and Favorite List

You can switch between the Session List and Favorite List by using the shortcut CMD + P to open the dropdown menu. The default is sessions, and you can filter with favorites.

Search Tabs & Tab Groups in Session

You can search tabs and tab groups in the saved session

  • When it is a tab, you can Open in Browser
  • When it is a tag group, you can drill down into the group to continue searching.

Search Tabs in Tab Groups

The Tab Group contains the tabs you saved. So you can search tabs in it.


One Tab Group integrates with Raycast in the form of an extension, leveraging Raycast's beautiful UI design and smooth search interaction to enhance the overall search experience for tabs. This allows you to quickly and effectively find the tabs you have saved.

Please note that saving your tabs to the cloud in One Tab Group is a paid feature. Click here to Get a License and enjoy searcing your tab "database".