How to sync browser tabs to Notion?

One Tab Group supports syncing the tabs and tab groups to the Notion database for further processing and management.

One Tab Group supports syncing the tabs and tab groups to the Notion database for further processing and management. In this case, we develop this sync feature based on the API provided by Notion.

Please note: This is a Pro feature


  • Push all the session into a specific page in Notion
  • Push the specific session into the notion database
  • Change the session info(such as change the session title) will be synced to Notion
  • Delete the session from One Tab Group will be synced to Notion


  • Please do not change、add、delete the database which named Session Database or Session Database > Tab Database
  • There might be delay while syncing because the API calling speed is restricted (especially sync all session to Notion, depending on the number of tabs you saved).

Sync Steps

0、Quick Guide

1、Create the Integration in Notion

A Notion integration lets you connect information in Notion to other software. To create your own integration:

  • Visit https://www.notion.com/my-integrations in your browser.
  • Click the + New integration button.
  • Name the integration.
  • Select the capabilities that your integration will have.
  • Click Submit to create the integration.

No need User Capabilities

2、Get the Internal Integration Token

Copy the field like secret_xxx

3、Get the Notion Page Id

Open Notion, and add a page to store the session data from One Tab Gorup.

Copy the page id from the Notion page url.

as you see, the 8bb91f2757434014a27a17a1a1f0c974 is the page id.

4、Add integration to Notion Page

  • Click the ... menu on the top right in Notion.
  • Click the Add connectins button.
  • Select the integration you just created.

5、Connect Notion Page

with the Internal Integration Token & Notion Page Id, One Tab Group cloud access your specific page and sync to the page.

Fill the form and click the Connect, One Tab Group will sync your all session into Notion.

6、Send specific session to Notion

Once you connect the notion page(Step.5), you can Send the specific session to Notion anytime.

You can find the ... menu from the Session action bar, there have some awesome feature in it.

Don’t cancel the authorization of Notion page or change the database properties, or the syncing will fail.

Connect another Notion Page

One Tab Group supports connecting only one Notion page at a time, in order to change the Notion page you are connected to.

You can click the Connect Notion Page menu in the left sidebar

change the Notion page Id, and don't forget to Add integration to Notion Page

Manage, organize the tabs in Notion

With the ability to "Sync Session Data to Notion", you can manage, organize, sort, and filter your tabs/tab groups the way you want.